MOKAY® Classic Stone

MOKAY® Classic Stone is the epitome of innovation in architectural coatings. Its sophisticated formulation, impeccable imitation of marble or granite, versatility, seamless integration into any design concept, and cost-effectiveness make it an exceptional choice for those seeking luxurious aesthetics without sacrificing sustainability. Experience the transformative power of MOKAY Classic Stone and elevate your spaces to new levels of sophistication.


Discover the elegance of MOKAY Classic Stone, a premium coating meticulously crafted using water-based resin and advanced technical blending. Through a specialized mixing process, vibrant liquid particles are infused to recreate the luxurious textures of marble or granite, resulting in a stunning imitation coating.

Experience the timeless beauty of natural stone with MOKAY Classic Stone, meticulously designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of any surface. Whether you’re seeking the sophistication of marble or the rugged allure of granite, our innovative formulation promises to elevate your space with unmatched elegance and style.

  • Sophisticated formulation: MOKAY Classic Stone is meticulously formulated using water-based resin and special technical mixing techniques. This results in the creation of small, colorful liquid particles that beautifully mimic the intricate patterns and textures of natural marble or granite. With our advanced formulation, we bring the essence of these luxurious materials to your space without the need for costly renovations.
  • Impeccable marble or granite imitation: Our Classic Stone coating is carefully crafted to provide a flawless imitation of marble or granite. The meticulous process of blending precise proportions of liquid particles ensures that the finished product closely resembles the natural beauty and elegance of these premium materials. Achieve the luxurious look and feel of marble or granite as an affordable alternative with MOKAY Classic Stone.
  • Versatile application: MOKAY Classic Stone’s versatile nature allows it to be applied to a wide range of surfaces, including walls, floors, countertops, and more. Its adaptability enables you to incorporate the exquisite charm of marble or granite into any area of your home or office. Transform dull spaces into stunning showcases with this versatile and dynamic coating.
  • Seamless integration into any design concept: Whether your design concept is contemporary, classic, or somewhere in between, MOKAY Classic Stone effortlessly integrates to elevate the overall aesthetic. The ability to imitate various marble or granite designs ensures that our coating is a versatile solution that blends harmoniously into any interior design style.
  • Cost-effective and sustainable: By choosing MOKAY Classic Stone, you benefit from a cost-effective solution that brings the luxurious appearance of marble or granite within your reach. This alternative coating allows you to achieve the desired aesthetic without the hefty price tag or the environmental impact associated with traditional stone materials.

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